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Me and guildie o/

Changed my blog description and edited links a bit. Going on hiatus, not sure for how long - I really play tera way too much. I’ll still be here and answer any messages ( If I’ll get any ) !

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sorry for not posting much ! I got sooo into tera lately >.<

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I just opened my game and this happened-

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My best friends:




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Anonymous asked: Hey! I think you're one of my favorite simblr on all Tumblr. You're so good at making sims. :3 I wanted to know if maybe you could like, make a tutorial of how you make a sim or something? Unless you want to keep it for yourself? It would be really appreciated if you could do it! Lots of love and don't stop what you do, you're very talented. ♥

Hello ! I can try to make a tutorial, but I’m not sure if I’ll suceed~ I usually use my old sims as bases, because I really do bad at creating them when using some random sim as base - and, recently I tried so hard to create a new sim, but I still keep failing T^T But I’ll see what I can do ! Don’t feel like opening my game now, though.

And thank you so much for the message, it made my day ;-;

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cutiepiesims3 asked: Florence is in my game! She is soo cute and tiny😊

Oh thank you for downloading her <3  

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Anonymous asked: do you use dach's hq mod? :)