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Ohmygod this game ;_;

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Anonymous asked: OMG those characters are so adorable. sorry to hear about the guild though q = q have fun when 65!

Ahh thank you noonie pie so much <3

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Welp, I quit tera till 65lv patch,
day started so well, bought appearance change and made my char look the same like enncy :3 but uh me and friend decided to wipe rehm for funs. sadly guildies got mad so we had to leave the guild~ and without guild tera isn’t fun. :c
ran last dungeon - KG :3 

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me and enncy :3

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so, secretaly I was a nab and played sims ._.

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Created a warrior D:

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I was bored so I drew elins, again D:

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Me when I play video games
  • Me:Fucking die already
  • Me:I swear to jesus if I die one more time
  • Me:Oh shit hottie alert
  • Me:Move bitch, get out the way
  • Me:*high pitched screaming*
  • Me:Load already
  • Me:I'm fucking done. Done. Done with everything.
  • Me:*turns off console*
  • Me:
  • Me:*turns console back on*
  • Me:God fucking dammit.
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    Been fooling around with sims 4 cas demo. xD

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    hime-sim replied to your post: Me and Enncy ! Doing guild rehm e…

    well, i got my weapon for sorc after 25+ runs and I had only gloves earlier,so. don’t expect too much from rehm until we get boxes = u =

    Got my gloves after 5-6 runs, weapon on 10th run. Now I have +35 runs, still no cuirass/boots. >_<